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Our small town is like a big family...
People Helping People


What is the Wilmington Community Fund?

In 1945 a group of Wilmington citizens organized a volunteer, non-profit organization to help families in need who live in the community. Our motto, "People Helping People" is a simple way of stating what the Wilmington Community Fund, Inc. ("WCF") stands for.

WCF is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to improve the quality and lives of people in our community.

It is through the generosity of individuals, businesses, organizations, schools and numerous clubs that WCF continues to be able to assist many families in Wilmington who have fallen victim to tough times.

No gifts, gratuities or payment for goods or services are rendered with your donation/payment.

None of this could be accomplished without the dedication and support from the volunteers. We are a strictly volunteer organization; no one receives a salary.